She Noticed A Kitten Fall From A Moving Car, But What She Did Next… INCREDIBLE.

This kind Oklahoma motorcyclist noticed a terrified kitten that had fallen from a moving vehicle—She immediately ran out into the intersection and motioned for all traffic to stop so she could safely rescue the frightened kitten.

After rescuing the poor kitten, she decided to give him the fitting name ‘Skidmark’

As of right now, little Skids the kitten is a keeper. She noted: “It would be very hard to give away a cat that came into your life like this!”

The most AMAZING part is she caught the entire rescue on video!! WATCH:

Little Skidmark the kitten is now doing great now and had an immediate visit to the vet after the incident happened, Little Skids is in good loving hands, just watch the video below, it’s a truly amazing story!! WATCH:

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