Officials Took Their Cat Away, But Then 3 Months Later They Received A Surprise Knock At The Door…

Syrian refugee Moner Al Kadri and his cat were separated when they arrived in the refugee camp in Suhl, Germany. After nearly three months of waiting and hoping, he and his wife were finally reunited with their beloved cat Zaytouna – Olive in Arabic

Moner Al Kadri, a Syrian refugee, was separated from their beloved cat when they arrived to the camp in Suhl Germany, but after over 3 months of waiting and watching for their cat, Moner and his wife finally found their kitty!


Zaytouna the cat (Olive in Arabic) traveled on a boat in Al’s arms to Greece, but when they arrived at the camp in Germany, the authorities took the cat and put it quarantine…cat-reunion

Both Moner and his wife didn’t understand German language and were devastated when they heard that they lost their cat…They desperately wanted to know when they would get little Zaytouna back, but they feared the worst.

“We do not have kids yet,” Al Kadri told BuzzFeed News in October. “We only have Zaytouna. We need to get her back.”

They decided to flee after deplorable conditions were just too bad to leave, but they still didn’t have their cat and feared they would never see him again.

Thankfully some immigration activists helped them find a place to stay, then one day out of the blue, someone came to the door of their apartment and had a very special surprise—It was their beloved kitty Zaytouna!!

Against all the odds, reunited again together!!


“The first thing she did was come crawl into bed with us. She remembers her name, she knows she is with her family,” Al Kadri said.

Officials told Al Kadri that most pets including pet cats are put to death due to the “risk of diseases coming in from other countries.” Thankfully little Zaytouna wasn’t one of those victims and is now with his family!


“I don’t know why it didn’t happen to her, but she is healthy and with us, and I haven’t felt this happy in a long time,” Al Kadri said.

When their cat Zaytouna came back, with him was some food, treats and even some toys! Zaytouna was also brought back in healthy condition, running, jumping everywhere!

Even though their transition from being a refugee has been very hard for the couple, having their cat back in their family has been a huge relief and makes their place a happier place to live!


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