Orphaned Little Kitten Bonds With Unlikely Friend, Just Wait Till You See Them Now… OMG!!

When these adorable little guys were rescued by kind humans at a local animal sanctuary in Santiago, Chile, you would’ve never guessed just how amazing it would be!

This poor kitten named Marina was all by herself until she met the most unlikely friend ever, a piglet named Laura!

The little orphaned tabby kitten ended up falling in love with the rescue pig almost instantly!  The moment they saw each other it was almost like love at first sight!  Just watch the video below:

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pig and cat-5

Marina and Laura became best friends right from the start!

pig and cat-4

When they needed each other most they formed a beautiful bond together.

pig and cat-3 pig and cat-2

Laura the pig and Marina spend hours sleeping and snuggling!

pig and cat-1

Photos via FB Soy Laura, no comida HT/LoveMeow & Others.

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