Paralyzed Mom Cat Protects Her Kittens After Neighbor Unsuccessfully Tried To Murder Her

Owner of a local animal rescue received a horrifying and saddening call one day.  Dee Walton, the owner of Australia’s Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue jumped to action after hearing about a neighbor killing a mom cat and throwing it against the side of a trailer.  He went to rescue the remaining kittens, but when he arrived he discovered that the cat’s body which was thought to be dead, was actually alive!

The mother cat was thought to be dead by her near-murderer and left her in the dust some distance from her kittens. But when they found the mother cat, she had drug herself close to the kittens to protect them from the evil man who nearly killed her.


After further discovery, it was found that the poor mother was parlyzed in the back legs.  Her love forced her to move her poor body the long distance to be with her kittens.  She only used her front paws, but was able to make it in time to protect them.

Luckily the kittens were not harmed.  This amazing rescue of the cat mom has sparked outrage from the man who did such a thing, but thankfully the cat and her kittens were rushed to safety where they are now happy and healthy as we know!  They later named the cat mom Princess!


Unfortunately this loving cat mom will live the rest of her life paralyzed, but because of this incident the man involved was later found and arrested!

This loving cat mom’s kindness and strength throughout this entire experience proves that cat moms have some of the most amazing and strong love ever!—SHARE this story with your friends if you enjoyed!

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