People Are Flocking To See This Small Island, But The Reason Why Is UNBELIEVABLE…

Hundreds of people from Japan are flocking to this small fishing community, but the reason why is hard to believe…  After seeing pictures and videos of streets filled with cats, they wanted to see if the reports were really true and it truly is!

The craziest part about this island is the fact that only 22 people live within this community, but there are over 120 cats!  Cats definitely outnumber the humans in this part of the world and they rule the streets with their presence.

This fishing island is home to over 120 different cats, but they don’t look skinny or unhealthy like most stray cats due to the fact that they enjoy the scraps of fish that are plentiful on this island.


These cats were originally brought to the island to take care of the mice problems that plagued the ships in the area, but these cats liked the island so much that they decided to call it their home and a colony of cats have emerged like never before!


Some of the local residents are worried that the cats are taking over and may stop the piece and quiet found here.  Because of this over 10 have been neutered in an effort to control the ever growing population.

If you were here, you would hear the meowing of cats around every street corner, it really is a island of cats!! Unbelievable…  WATCH:

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