People Didn’t Think She Would Make It, But Thanks To Her Special Caregiver A Miracle Happened…

Ralphee the kitten was rescued from a barn at a horse stable.  She was introduced to Max the cattle dog and they’ve formed an amazing relationship.

This poor kitten needed a protector and a someone to watch her every minute and thanks to her special caregiver the dog, this kitten continues to life a happy life…

It’s truly amazing how this dog adopted the kitten and looks after and protects each day.  This special pair was meant to be together from the start, just see them now:


Ralphee’s has a medical condition where the part of his brain that helps control coordination and motor skills is slightly underdeveloped.  This neurological disorder happened at birth, however it is non-progressive and won’t get any worse!

Thankfully Max the cattle dog has taken up the duty of ‘caregiver’ and follows Ralphee where she goes.


Ralphee also loves the dog and it doesn’t take long to notice that they really do love each other; they’re inseparable!


Ralphee jumps with joy when she sees her favorite dog Max and couldn’t be more excited!

This beautiful relationship between Ralphee the rescue cat and Max the dog continues to last and can be seen in the latest video below:

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