People Ignored Three Blind Cats, They Weren’t Adopted, But Then… The SWEETEST Thing Happened!

Blue the cat and his sisters named Little Willow and Meadow.  Unfortunately nobody wanted them and because they were ignored by everyone looking to adopt they were passed from one foster shelter to another in hopes that someone would have some love for them.

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The kittens were originally found before Christmas in 2014 abandoned in a warehouse in Dubai.  ALL three cats had gone completely blind because of the cat flu which was ignored and not treated by previous owners.  They had lost their eyes and after being moved from one foster home to another, they were also loosing hope of ever finding a forever home!

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They even tired separating the cats to adopt them faster individually, but sadly Blue was crying all night and whimpered for his sisters so much that they knew they had to be adopted all together.

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Every cat deserves a forever home filled with love, but many people assume that taking care of a special needs cat is hard and not worth the challenge, but they’re wrong!  It’s quite the apposite and filled with love!

Sadly most people ignored them due to this, but then one day Catherine Magno fell in love with all three and decided to give them all a home!

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Catherine thought it would be a real chore dealing with all three special needs cats, but she was in for a wonderful surprise! “My perception was that it’s going to not only be challenging but will also require a lot of adjustments on my part,” she told BoredPanda. It turns out, it’s much easier than anyone things “The only adjustment early on was keeping everything where it was but they are remarkably adaptive.”

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All three are happily together in the same family and well loved by their kind human who saw past their disability and into their hearts! :)

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For Catherine, she believes that blind felines matter too, she notes: “Blind pets see through their hearts.” We’re SOO glad that she gave them a chance, they’re repaying her in the sweetest ways every day.  It’s just “purrfect” :)

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via: bored panda and all photos from Three Blind Cats.

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