People Think He Looks Angry, But If You Keep Watching… This Cat Is The ‘Coolest’ Cat EVER!

Most cats should never be shaved, but summer heat can be TOO much for some breeds of cats with extra thick hair which was designed for cold temperatures!  We DON’T recommend shaving your cat, but this cat was shaved to save him from the extreme summer hear.  The results?  You’ve gotta see it!

This cat is actually VERY thankful this summer won’t be SOO unbearable for him, but luckily he doesn’t know how he looks, because he sure does look angry!

I honestly don’t know what to say about this… Omg. Watch Video:

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P.S. We don’t recommend shaving any cat unless your your vet has deemed your cat must have this done to prevent undue heat. Also make sure you keep your cats inside in a cool environment!

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