Police Are Investigating Dog Abuse, But What They Find Instead… I Can’t Believe This Happened.

I can’t believe ANYONE could do this?? — While investigating some animal welfare problem involving a dog presumably abuse, they found something on the property more horrifying than ever!

These cats were found colored with toxic colored sharpie all over their white furr… Police believe someone pinned the cats down and forced them to be painted with the sharpie ink. Animal rescue personnel also noted that the poor cats smelled horribly of toxic sharpie fumes!

It still doesn’t make sense why someone couldn’t just enjoy these kittens natural beautify instead of treating them so meanly… It’s unbelievable what some people can do…  Watch The Full Story Below:

Thankfully these kittens were rescued and carefully washed and will be put up for adoption soon—SHARE this story with your friends!!

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