Poor Kitty Was Found On the Road, Dirty and Sad, You’ve Gotta See The Ending… WOW.

You can’t have a rougher life than when you live by the side of the road. This poor little kitten was found bruised and battered, and fortunately his human rescuer took him in. He was named Sir Silas, and little did anyone know that he’d live up to his majestic name!

For underneath all that soiled fur was the fluffiest white cat you’ve even seen! Sir Silas made the journey from soiled to happy in just one day!

Before and After Photos: Sad and Soiled to Cuddly Fluff—it’s quite the transformation!

1_Injured_Kitten_to_Happy_CatPoor Sir Silas was left on the side of the road in Florida. His human family said he was near death when they found him. They cleaned him up and gave him a forever home. What a surprise as he grew older… and fluffier!

He looks just like me!

2_Kitten_with_StuffySir Silas gets his very own fluffy stuffy toy to snuggle with.

Growing more adorable by the week, they NEVER expected he would look like this!

3_Adult_Ragdoll_CatAs Sir Silas grew older, his eyes remained blue. While many kitten’s eyes turn yellow or green over time, his did not change. His fur also grew thicker and fluffier.

Sir Silas poses on his throne.

4_Cat_PillowSir Silas continued to grow handsomer, right into his cat teen years.

Too fluffy for his paws!

5_Ragdoll_CatIt’s believed that Sir Silas is a purebred Ragdoll cat.

Tummy rub time!

6_Fluffy_Cat_TummySIr Silas loves belly rubs! Look at all that fluff!

Chicken dinner please.

7_Cat_Dinner_TableSir Silas waits for his meal at the dinner table.

A gift for you!

8_Cat_with_MousieFortunately it’s not a real mouse!

Best Christmas gift ever!

9_Ragdoll_ChristmasSir Silas’s humans agree that he was the best early Christmas gift ever!

The majestic fellow with an amazing transformation from rags to beauty!

10_Cat_By_LampSir Silas went from rags to riches when his lucky kitty family found and adopted him, and now he’s happy and his fluff is fluffier than ever before!

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