Pregnant woman decided to rescue a stray kitty… AND you’ve gotta see the results… Awwwww!!

Alyssa was a mom-to-be at eight weeks, when she found a tiny black and white kitten. He couldn’t have been more than eight weeks old either. There was no mother in sight. She didn’t want to leave him to fend for himself, so she brought him home.

She named him Kitten Face. Throughout her pregnancy, he never left her side. When her son was born, the two hit it right off. Not only is the cat her best friend, he’s the best friend of her son too. Kitten Face has paid back her kindness with double helpings of love.

Snuggling together in bed. 

kitty_head_snugglingAt first Kitten Face was hesitant, but he soon settled into his new home.

Hello, there!

Cat_on_shelfAlyssa would wake up to this face every morning.

I’ll look after you.

Black_white_catKitten Face would snuggle with her baby bump, and grew more protective of her, as her child grew.

I’ll always be by your side.

Cat_sits_on_humanWhen Alyssa was bed bound, Kitten Face remained by her side. Alyssa says, “This boy became my bestest friend in the whole world.” He even licked her tummy through her contractions.

I missed you!

Snuggle_with_armWhen she had to be taken to the hospital for an emergency c-section, the cat remained behind. But when she returned back home, he had to have a snuggle with his human.

A new best friend.

Family_snugglingKitten Face immediately fell in love with her son, and stayed by his side, even during naptime.

An inseparable bond!

furry_and_human_babyThe two quickly became inseparable!

What? I’m busy!

Cat_in_front_cribIf Alyssa couldn’t find her cat, he was guaranteed to be beside her son.

Sneaking the snacks.

Play_time_with_catHer son soon discovered how to share his food with Kitten Face.

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(all credit via: lovemeow)

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