Vet Shocked When He Sees Once-In-A-Lifetime Discovery; A Male Calico Cat… One In A Million!

Calico cats are domestic cats that have three large patches of color on their fur. Calico is more in reference to the color pattern on the coat, and not the breed. Female cats have one X chromosome, while male cats have an X and a Y. To get a calico, it will need two X chromosomes. The X chromosome determines the coat color.

Occasionally, there may be the odd male calico cat. They usually have health issues, and are sterile. For one vet, in his entire 54 years of practicing veterinary medicine, he’s only ever seen one other, but then he saw this!

One day this vet met someone VERY unexpected, a calico Scottish Fold boy!

Calico_male_catThis cute little fella is a calico male. Dr. Smith at Central Texas Cat Hospital says that he’s very unique and quite rare!

SOO cute and precious, just look at that little face!

Male_scottish_fold_kittenThis cute little guy is a Scottish Fold. He has the characteristic turned down ears of this breed. Not only is he a rarity, he’s one in a million, you’ll never see one just like him again!

So young, and already as special as can be! :)

Calico_male_closeupSo, how do you get a male calico, if two X chromosomes are needed? Basically, male cats have two X chromosomes, and one Y chromosome. This is called Klinefelter Syndrome and a cat like this only happens once in a lifetime. Wow!!

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