Rescued 20-Year Old Cat That Was Dumped Off At A Kill Shelter Tells Her Humans ‘Thank You’ Every Day!

Cats should be living their golden years in the comfort of their homes, so it was inexcusable when this 20 year old fluffy orange cat was dropped off at a kill shelter. Fortunately, Kitty Adventure Rescue League offered to give her a home in their comfortable facility for needy cats.

This sweet cat now tells her humans how happy she is to live out her final days with pampering, and plenty of luxury at the feline rescue sanctuary, located in Texas.

1_Old_Cat_KissedNot a lot is known about this kitty. It’s a puzzling past, as she is healthy and extremely affectionate. She has the softest fur ever!  How could anyone not want her anymore? We don’t know!!

Happy to have a family that cares even at 20 years old!

2_Senior_Female_CatThere are signs that this cat is her age though. She is missing most of her teeth, she has some trouble jumping, and her bones may be a bit achy. But she still enjoys the fullest that life has to offer her. The sanctuary said she was the perfect fit!

“Thank you kind humans for saving me!” I love my new home!

3_Cat_On_BlanketThis kitty quickly settled in. Karyn Poplin, owner of the Sanctuary, says that most kitties are scared when they first move in. But Taijha was immediately ready for cuddles and attention. She was curious about her new home.

Karyn says that since she doesn’t answer to her name, that it will be changed to something that suits her better. Tai quickly made friends with the 18-year-old Pumpkin. They both live in the senior’s room where the furniture is safe, and they can lounge on the windowsill. Of course at times the cats are allowed into the couple’s main living quarters.

Tastes awful but I’l humor you…

4_Cat_Gets_MedicineTai is in better shape than many of the other cats at the sanctuary, despite her older age. Someone took good care of her. The medicine helps provide relief to sore muscles and bones. She takes her meds in good humor, but is highly spirited.

I love to snuggle.

5_Snuggling_with_HumanKaren says that Tai often sleeps on her or her husband’s pillow. Tai loves her new home, and shows her appreciation on a daily basis to her new owners, who just happen to own the feline rescue sanctuary too! :)

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