See This Kitty?? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See His Permanently Worried Eyes…

Say hello to Bum, the kitty who has become famous for his eyes.  Bum the cat seems to always have a ‘worried expression’ no matter when you look at him.  Just see these 7 pictures and you will quickly see what I mean!

His worried cross-eyed expression isn’t the only thing that makes this tabby cat special, he was a rescue sent to a shelter at just four weeks old!  When people noticed his expression he was almost instantly adopted!

His adorable little face is just TOO cute for anyone to say no!  Just see for yourself:

bum-cat-worried-eyes-26 bum-cat-worried-eyes-4 bum-cat-worried-eyes-9 bum-cat-worried-eyes-10 bum-cat-worried-eyes-37 bum-cat-worried-eyes-gif-1 bum-cat-worried-eyes-29

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original source via: Instagram (h/t: bored panda, lovemeow)

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