Say Hello To The ‘Wiggly Butt Kitty’ And Guess What?? She Was The Cutest Kitten EVER!! :)

Do you remember that adorable cat video where the cat wiggles her butt before pouncing? Well, she turned four in July! And yes, her butt still wiggles! We hadn’t seen a cat move her backside like that before! Her name is Ohagi, also known as Bean Cake.

Apparently Ohagi is full of fun with her two other feline siblings. She loves to nibble on her toys, and swat at anything moving.

My precious!

Tiny_kittenOhagi was just a tiny kitten, when she was found in a garden. She is a cute tabby with white face, tummy, and legs.

Ohagi is ready for fun. 

Ohagi_catShe loves to pounce, play, and run around.

Remember her wiggle butt video?

UiA54P5Here is a clip of the video that made Ohagi so famous. Apparently she still does the body wiggle thing.

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Via: lovemeow 

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