This little kitten changed this mans life forever and the results are just the sweetest!

A big guy found unexpected love while he was viewing property for sale. His companion thought she heard a noise, so he went to check on his car. When he returned, she was holding his newfound love, a tiny bedraggled female kitten.

The kitten was filthy, wet, and covered in maggots. The couple realized the kitten wouldn’t have made it without them, as most likely mother and other kittens had met an unfortunate end.

Being familiar with kitten rescue, the couple grabbed bottle and kitten formula from the nearest shop. They already had a three year old cat that they had previously rescued. This was this one lucky kitten!

Oklahoma soon has his daughter clean and dry

big_man_little_catThe kitten gets a gentle bath under a warm spray of tap water. She is carefully cleaned and dried.

Father and daughter so adorable together!

tiny_kitten_big_handsShe is so tiny when held in Oklahoma’s big hands. Her daddy wants to make sure she is kept warm. His large belly is the perfect spot for her.

Her daddy bottle feeds her…

man_feeds_kittenThe tiny kitten didn’t know what to make of the bottle in the beginning.

Kitten loves her feeding session!

man_feeds_kittenSoon she got the hang of bottle feeding, and is quite enthusiastic about eating now.

Oklahoma, kitten daddy reports that she loves to sleep, has put on weight, and continues to get stronger. This baby is the luckiest kitten around, and Oklahoma loves being a mommy!

This kind man changed this kittens life for the better and in turn, this kitten is giving back so much love… It’s amazing!

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