She Found Something Like a Wet Mouse, But When She Went Closer… I Can’t Believe This!

A woman was walking along a footpath when she spotted what appeared to be a drenched rat.

The poor dark brown-black furred thing was crawling along, and soaking wet from the rain. A closer look revealed that it was a kitten—only one day old.

Somehow he had become separated from his mom, but that didn’t matter, as now he has a new mommy!

Tiny ball of fur.

1_Tiny_Wet_KittenKathryn Van Beek had been walking home that day in Kingsland Auckland when she spotted this tiny ball of fur squirming on the footpath. A mouse would have been the logical conclusion, but a closer look revealed a kitten whose eyes hadn’t even opened yet. Even his tiny umbilical cord was still attached to his body.

Open up and say awww!

2_Kitten_Being_Syringe_FedThis poor little guy was trying to find his mother. He could barely walk. Kathryn took the black kitten home and named him Bruce, after Bruce Wayne from Batman. She had to syringe feed him. It was on the third day that he started purring.

100 grams at 12 days old.

3_Kitten_On_ScaleSince Bruce was only a baby, he had to be fed at regular intervals. It was a big chore for Kathryn, to the point where she’d have to take him to work for the first few days. At first she set the alarm throughout the night, but then Bruce became her alarm clock with his loud yowls.

I can see you.

4_Kitten_Opens_EyesBruce finally opened his eyes to see his new family. They had never intended to have a second cat, but fate intervened. Bruce was now a part of the family.

Mouse, rat or kitten?

5_Kitten_EatsBruce eventually learned to eat on his own.  What a transformation, wow!

Mommy keeps me warm.

6_Kitten_Inside_BlanketKathryn had to be his mommy, helping with such tasks as grooming. But he grew bigger and stronger every day.


7_Kitten_Hugs_FootApparently Bruce has a great purr-sonality. :)

I made it!

8_Kitten_Loves_to_PlayHere is Bruce at nine weeks old. Kathryn said he was a healthy happy kitten by that point.

Watchful but thankful eyes.

9_Healthy_KittenBruce had a lot of fun during his first Christmas with mom and dad, and his sister Jager the cat. In this photo he weighs about two pounds.

Almost grown up but he’ll never leave home!

10_Growing_UpBruce’s family provided this update photo to his amazing story via FB their FB page: Bruce The Kitten

Watch little bruce below:

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Story credit via: love meow / image credit via: Bruce The Kitten Facebook page.

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