She Found This Dirty Kitty Outside Her Building, But Four Baths Later… What A Transformation!

Cynthia saw a dirty but furry creature huddled outside her building in downtown Los Angeles. She took a closer look and saw that it wasn’t moving. The poor thing was jammed up against the corner of the building.

It turns out that this little creature was actually a cat! Cynthia was kind enough to rescue the kitty and take her to the vet.

Kindness saved this kitty’s life!

1_Dirty_KittyIt took four baths before the true white color of this cat was revealed. What’s even more heartbreaking is that she was wearing a bling collar.

A sweet kitty revealed.

2_Clean_KittyIt was lucky for the kitty that Cynthia had decided to park her car outside the building that day, rather than inside the parking garage. Cynthia said it must have been luck, or fate that brought the two together.

Cynthia was worried that the kitty might have broken bones, so she gingerly placed her on the seat inside the car. This kitty was friendly, and snuggled into her. It was obvious that she’d had an owner at some past point in time.

What a transformation—Just look at that amazing coat!

3_Gorgeous_CatAfter a trip to the vet for treatment of the sore under her eye, several tins of cat food, and four baths, Cynthia drove the cat to her friend Tisha’s house where she’d be fostered.

Today, the kitty is in excellent health. She cleaned up nice, and is as sweet as can be. Tisha said that her bling collar indicates she used to belong to someone, but efforts to find her previous owner have failed. She did not have a microchip.

Kitty eagerly awaits a new owner, freshly washed and simply beautiful!

4_Happy_Rescue_CatSince no one came to claim the kitty, it’s her foster mum’s mission to find a warm, caring home for her. She weighs four pounds, and is aged about three to four months. She loves to snuggle with humans, and is very playful. We’re certain that her forever home is waiting!

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