She Gets The Most Touching Gift Of A Lifetime, But Her Reaction Is Just Priceless… This Is AMAZING.

When this woman comes home one day, everyone is waiting to record her reaction. Her husband and family had travelled a long way to get a special Christmas present for her, and it’s a complete surprise!

When Lisa, an avid cat lover, opens the box, she gets the best gift of her lifetime – a precious little white fluff ball of a kitten!

“My beautiful wife, Lisa, has this reaction pretty much every time she sees a kitten. I have to keep her away from pet shops or rescue pet operations or we will come home with another one. She just has a big heart for kittens. I have to say, I didn’t expect quite that reaction though. If you look carefully, you will see me wiping tears from my eyes in the video. I just adore Lisa and making her that happy melted my heart,” says her husband Dino.

This Chinchilla Doll faced Tea Cup Persian is completely adorable, but you’ve got to see her reaction when she realizes what her gift is:

What an amazing moment! The curious adult cat and little one are now inseparable according to Dino…Awww—SHARE this special video with a friend!

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