She Heard Meowing Coming From The Car, So Took It To The Mechanics, But Then… Oh My GOODNESS.

She heard some weird sound, but when she listen closer, it sounded like meowing or crying. Finally she decided to take it to the West Broad Hyundai shop.  She hoped that maybe one of the mechanics there could help her out and find out what this meowing could be (via Lovemeow)

Finally after some work removing the tire and other plastic shielding, they finally found what was making all the meowing!  It was nothing other then the cutest little black kitten!

This adorable little black kitten was just TOO cute to pass up by one of the mechanics named John, so he adopted him and it was history ever after!  Watch the rescue video:

WOW… I just can’t believe this kitten was riding here all that time, SOO glad he’s rescued—SHARE this story with your friends!

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