She Loves Cats So Much She Spends £90,000 On Them Per Year… Nearly $150,000!

Silvana Valentino-Locke loves kitties so much that she cares for abandoned cats in her home. Total yearly bill: A whopping £90,000 or $150,000 per year for their food, litter, and general care. What’s even better…

Her husband doesn’t even mind!

While her husband is out earning the dough running his own courier company, she stays at home to care for their cats.

How many cats did you say she has?!

outdoor_funSilvana currently looks after 122 abandoned cats. Cats are allowed to romp almost anywhere at her home, including the garden, the kitchen and dining room. They climb up onto the counter tops, tables, bed, and couches. There are literally cats everywhere you look.

No room is off-limits!

Even the kitchen!

Dinner time!

hungry_catsHere are some dinner guests being entertained—both human and furry! Everyone loves meal time. You can keep your lap warm while you eat.

A loving hubby

undertanding_cat_husband52 of the cats actually live in the house with Silvana and her husband. He doesn’t mind—really! He loves cats as much as Silvana does. Many men who show up to adopt a cat find it amazing that he cares so much.

Cat houses galore!

outdoor_cat_housesThe cats that don’t have a spot inside the house get to live in special cat houses that are scattered around their property. Silvana currently operates an official cat rescue organization called “Romney House Cat Rescue”.

Do any of these cats capture your heart?

cat_collectionAbout half of the kitties at Silvana’s house are ready and available for adoption. Silvana ensures that they’re healthy, and properly socialized before placing up for adoption. She won’t adopt out her family favorites either.

With this many cats, cleanliness is a must!

cats_on_bedSilvana has a team of employees to help look after the cats. The floors are carefully disinfected each day, furniture is vacuumed, and litter boxes are scooped. Having this many cats requires plenty of time and care.

Are those treats?

dinner_timeThe kitties love to gather for treat time. They don’t want to miss out!

Bed time is cat time

lounging_catsSilvana and her husband must love cats 24/7. The best time of day is relaxing after a long hard day of cat chores.

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