She Noticed This Kitten At A Monkey Park, But What She Captured Next Is Most Amazing…

Anne Young visited Monkey Forest Park in Bali, but she had no clue the secret this forest would hold.  She noticed something in the bushes and couldn’t believe her eyes!

This stray kitten was adopted by the monkeys of the forest.  She couldn’t get very close, but was able to zoom in and take a few shots with her camera which are truly amazing.

Nature can truly be amazing – sometimes it’s so amazing it’s hard to believe!

This kitten was adopted by a monkey and they’re living happily together…


This monkey protects the newly adopted kitten from the other wild animals…


You can see them hanging out together – thankfully she was able to capture this beautiful and memorable moment…


monkey-adopted-kitten-1 This monkey even holds the kitten like it was its own baby…


This relationship is unlikely and unbelievable, but they really are inseparable friends! :)


Seeing this unlikely relationship between a monkey and kitten is truly incredible and an wonderful sight to see… Mother nature is truly amazing, isn’t it?!

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