She Rescued An Abandoned Cat, But Then One Morning She Woke Up To An Unbelievable Surprise!

Some cats are just amazing and this cat in particular cat is one of the most unusual cats You’ll ever see…  Thankfully Sam the cat was rescued in 2012, but his owner had no clue that he would cause such a internet sensation!

She went to bed one night after posting a picture to Instagram, but she had NO clue that her cat with the surprisingly cute eyebrows would cause such a crazy internet sensation!

Little did she know, someone had posted the picture to Reddit, a social sharing network, and overnight her cat became instantly famous!


This cat is so unusually adorable and different that some people thought his eyebrows had been painted on, so she had to take a closeup picture to prove it really was real!


She had no clue that this would happen, but her cat is now getting national attention all because of his adorably cute and unusual eyebrows. He now has 150,000 Instagram followers and 530,000 likes on Facebook! Unbelievable… Watch:

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