She Scratches Her Cats Back, But The Response She Gets In Return… Just Watch, I NEVER Expected This!

This kitty LOVES to get his back scratched!! And when he does, he makes the strangest gurgling sound! LOL! You can tell he is in complete ecstasy! His owner will move his hand to the kitty’s head or shoulders, but then he stops making noise!

I have NEVER heard a cat make this sound before! He even bites on his own paw at one point in his excitement at having his back scratched! OR he can’t stop incessantly licking his owner’s hand!

Oh my goodness… I’m not sure WHAT to say… Just watch the video below:

You’d think the cat would run away, but he doesn’t mind at all, even though it doesn’t sound this way… I’ve NEVER heard a cat make a sound like this—SHARE this video with your friends!

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