She Spent Over A Year Befriending This Cat, But Now? You’ve Gotta See… AMAZING.

A stray cat has a rough life. They’ve often been moved from home to home, until they settle for outside. A cat just can’t get a break. Occasionally one awesome human comes along to turn a cat’s life around. But it can take some time for the cat to trust a stranger long enough to let them into their hearts.

This black cat was befriended by a woman. It took her over a year to win the cat’s heart. But it was worth it.

This handsome fellow wasn’t always this content.

happy_black_catHer neighbor had started feeding this black cat in their backyard. The cat was called Norbert. Norbert hung around her cat, but the neighbor didn’t want to bring another cat into the household, as her husband was allergic to them, and two would have been too much for his immune system to cope with.

All the comforts of home now.

black_cat_on_rugShe’d cat sit for her neighbor while they were away. She saw Norbert many times, but he’d just run off. She enjoyed seeing him, and even got him to come near her to eat some food.

Why did the cuddles stop?

black_cat_wide_eyes_openShe said that Norbert still enjoyed attention, even when he didn’t trust her 100%. When she moved out of the house, and into her own apartment, she started missing the black cat.

Let me just help myself to your food.

Fries_for_meApparently Norbert’s previous owners never could be found. Most likely they moved away. She decided she couldn’t leave him behind, yet again. Norbert came home with her.

Tummy rub please!

Rub_my_tummyNorbert was very skittish around her new apartment. He’d often hide under the bed. Sometimes it was hours before he felt comfortable enough to come out to say hi. Now a year has passed, and he’s settled in fine. He’s put on some weight, and he loves to snuggle with his owner.

She calls the black cat her little panther, and has renamed him “Linux”. She works in IT.

He expresses his affection with a head butt.

head_buttsApparently Linux is an older cat, who loves his new retirement life. She gets a bit wistful realizing she won’t have him for that long, as she can’t imagine life without him. But Linux has a warm, happy home with a loving owner, and that’s all the matters in a cat’s retirement years.

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