She was found wandering around a parking lot, hungry, and scared, then a new human noticed it…

It’s a sad life for many cats that must fend for themselves outdoors. Each day is a struggle to find food, and shelter. Often they must defend themselves against other cats, dogs, and even predators.

Did someone used to look after Charli? We’ll never know for certain where she came from. She was living on the streets, fending for herself. Until one day, she was found wandering around a parking lot, hungry, and scared, until her new human found her. This kind person helped her to love again.

Pretty much fur and bones.

Stray_cat_offered_waterCharli was enticed out from under a car where she was hiding. Her human found this kitten little more than fur, bones, and dirt. He says that he found her in his work’s parking lot. At first she was too afraid to say hi.

Her rescuer says that it took a lot of time before she came out to have food and water. Once he saw her, he knew he had to help her.

What happened next will warm your heart.

Cat_drinks_waterCharli was taken to her new home. She got cleaned up, and had as much food, water, and cuddles as she wanted.

From stray to pampered pet.

Stray_cat_on_floorOnce Charli was cleaned up, she looked much healthier. She soon started settling into her new home. Her owners says she’s a lot healthier and happier now.

She loves her ear scritches!

Stray_cat_gets_pettedSurprisingly, she can’t get enough attention now. This kitten now knows what love is, and pays it back in purrs.

She comes with a few battle scars.

Stray_cat_loves_being_pettedIt’s believed that Charli may have been in a fight or two, causing the scar on her face. Apparently it’s healing up just fine, and the fur is even growing back.

From parking lot to the lap!

Stray_cat_on_mans_lapThis stray cat is so lucky to have gone from the harsh outdoors to a comfy lap. She’s now a fully converted lap kitty.

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