She Was SOO Small, She Almost Didn’t Make It… But Now? You’ve Gotta See Her, ADORABLE…

Luna the kitten almost didn’t make it. She was rescued by a wildlife organization, but since they had raccoons with ringworm in their care, they didn’t want a cat hanging around.

A couple came to her rescue just in the nick of time. Wait until you see what she does with her bowl of food!

Who wore it better?

kitten_messy_eaterIt’s time for Luna to learn how to eat from a bowl. Here she is after her first attempt. Messy, but cute!

Too tiny!

kitten_smaller_than_handBecause Luna was dropped off at a wildlife rescue group, they have no idea where she came from, or what happened to her mommy. The foster mom says that Luna is about six weeks old now and doing well.

Like you eat neatly?

kitten_dishLuna was initially bottle fed, but it was time for her to make the transition to a dish. They started out by trying to put food into her mouth with a spoon. It was so tiny, they actually had to open her jaw for her.

Worth the effort

kitten_cuddlesHere is Luna, shortly after her eyes opened.

Who lost their shirt?

kitten_in_shirtLuna enjoys curling up into her foster mommy’s spare shirt.

A hot water bottles subs for mommy

kitten_water_bottleKittens need to keep warm during their first few weeks. Luna’s foster mom placed a wrapped hot water bottle into her bed, to keep her warm.

Lovin’ the cuddles!

finger_cuddlingLuna has turned into an affectionate kitty. She loves to hug her foster mommy.

They grow up so fast!

adorable_luna_kittenLuna is doing well, and soon will be available for adoption!

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