She Went For A Walk With Her Dog, But Then…You Won’t Believe What The Doggy Found!

Lily the dog enjoyed going for walks in the forest. She used to be a guard dog, but now is lovingly cared for by her owner. First thing every morning Lorrie R. would take Lily out for a walk. Lily got excited and started sniffing around. You won’t believe what she found.

Sometimes it’s fate that brings a new member to the family. Often it’s not the human’s choice. The new visitor is tiny and adorable. And after they’ve lived with you for some time, there’s no question that they’ve become a member of your family.

He found a little kitten barely larger than his own doggy paw!

1_Guard_Dog_CatLorrie took her Akita dog Lily out for a walk near a heavily wooded park in south Florida. Lorrie heard a loud pitched noise that may have been a bird. On the way back, Lorrie still heard this noise. She decided to investigate, as the bird could be injured.

Big dog, tiny kitten. 

2_Dog_Keeps_Eye_On_CatAs they got closer to the noise, Lily sniffed the ground. She didn’t find a bird, but a very tiny two week old kitten! Lorrie brought the kitten home as she knew there was no way it would survive alone in the woods.

Lily watching over her new kitten. 

3_Big_Dog_Little_CatLorrie had trouble feeding the kitten, so she tried the Humane Society and Broward County Animal Control Services. Unfortunately, they had their kennels full, and told her the kitten would be put down if she was left there.

They did give her KMR to feed the kitten, and said if she fed the kitten for a month, that they’d be willing to take it for placement.

How come you got no milk?

4_Wheres_the_MilkLorrie was worried about not only hand feeding a kitten for a month, but trying to keep her large dog away from the tiny kitten. But when she got home, the pair really hit it off. While they’re both supervised, the dog is extremely gentle with the kitten. Lily makes sure that the kitten is properly fed.

They just love snuggling!

5_Dog_Guards_KittenLily wants to keep the kitten, and Lorie believes that she’ll get her wish, they get along so great, how could you say no?! :)

Who said dogs and cats don’t get along?!

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