Shelter Cat Stops A Man By Reaches Out Her Paw Asking To Be Adopted

John Hwang went to take some pictures of a dog at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, but instead someone else caught his attention first and wouldn’t stop pestering him…

People don’t usually see the huge amount of kennels stacked up waiting for medial checkups and many looking for adoption, Hwang got permission to snap some shots and was interrupted by a kitty reaching out with her paw asking to be adopted.

“It’s a separate building that most of the public doesn’t really know about,” John Hwang told The Dodo. “It’s kind of in the back and there’s no obvious entry to the building. Nobody really goes in there.

ewang is a photographer and comes to this shelter to take pictures of the animals to help them find forever homes, but this day was a little different… As he was walking by, he felt something pawing at him desperately and trying to snatch his hair.

At first Hwang was like “Are you serious, cat?” said the DoDo, but the cat wouldn’t give up.  Her name was Meow Meow and there was NO way she was giving up easily!980x

Meow Meow didn’t give up, so Hwang decided to take some pictures of the cute kitty to help her get adopted – The cat was asking for some help and this man came at the perfect time!

The tender moment when this cat wouldn’t give up, he wanted to feel a warm loving human and wanted a loving forever home.


He wanted to adopt the kitty, but his wife was allergic to cats, so he snapped a pic in the hopes that someone else would give this kitty a forever home!

You can see MeowMeow’s profile if you want to learn more. – H/T TheDoDo

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