She’s Petting Kitty, But When She Touches The Cat’s Nose… Oh My Goodness, What In The WORLD?!

This kitty has a very unique talent…when you see what the cat can do? You won’t be able to believe this, oh my word! She’s petting her kitty’s face, and you can tell the cat is loving it. But when she touches the cat’s nose? It does the strangest thing…It turns on a lamp!

She touches the cat’s nose a few more times and the lamp turns it brighter and brighter. How is this happening?! Well don’t worry, the cat isn’t be electrocuted…his paw is resting on top of a touch lamp, so when she touches the cat’s nose, it’s like touching the lamp.

This is too cute though, it’s hilarious! You’ve gotta see it to believe it. Watch:

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