She’s Trying To Eat Dinner, But When The Cat Reaches For The Food? Just Watch Kitty’s Eyes…LOL

This woman is enjoying dinner when all of a sudden…some sneaky paws reach around her computer to try and snag a piece of chicken! This cute Bengal kitten is trying some new moves to try and grab some yummy morsels.

While looking sleepy and innocent, the kitty pretends to just accidentally brush by the chicken, but no on is fooled by this cat!

You can’t help but laugh at this…Just Watch!

In case you got worried, Sara Cantú, the owner of this sly kitty, said, “Yes, he did get his share after this video…I allow my cat to lick off excess meat I leave behind, but only under supervision, or I peel off and hand-feed bits to him,” as cats could chew broken pieces of bones that could harm their digestive track. What a great tip to know!

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