She’s Was On Her Deathbed, But The Letter She Wrote…Now I’m In Tears…

It’s difficult when we lose our pets, but even more so when we know that we’ll leave them behind. Sometimes there is simply no time to find a new owner for your pet. You’re bedridden, so what are you going to do?

This woman wanted Susie to find a new forever home. You’ll shed a tear when you see what she does next.

Beautiful Susie sniffing a flower.

Orange_cat_smells_flowerThe woman wrote a heartfelt note to her cat’s future owner, sharing memories of their times together.

Perhaps this note will help Susie to find a new home.

Letter_to_my_cats_next_ownerSusie is five years old. The cat was surrendered by a man, whose mother had her originally. He couldn’t keep her, as his rental did not allow pets.


Letter_from_cat_owner2The man gave the shelter a letter that his mother had written to her cat’s future humans.

A bit shy, but Susie still loves her cuddles.

Cat_on_lapHer owner says that it takes a while for Susie to warm up to strangers, but she loves to cuddle and be petted.

A note on her cage saying how special she is.

Cat_shelter_documentSusie is currently living at Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Maryland.

Susie is ready and waiting for her forever home.

Susie_catShelter staff say that Susie is learning to trust again. It certainly was a shock for her to lose her human, and lose her home. This kitty is sensitive, and needs a loving human to rescue her.

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