Simba The Little Ginger Kitten Was Found In A Back Yard, But Then…Sweetest Ending Ever!

There aren’t many happier stories than hearing about a homeless kitten being found, and then being found a good home. This little furry guy was found in a teacher’s back yard. Another teacher agreed to adopt, and the rest is history. The students named the kitten Simba.

Today, Simba is doing fabulous. His human took some great photos from his kittenhood, and one during his adulthood. It’s great seeing happy endings!

Welcome home!

1_Tiny_Orange_FluffSimba arrives in his new home, in a cardboard box with blue towel.

So precious!

2_Back_KittenSimba was so young, his tiny eyes hadn’t even opened yet.

Dinner time.

3_Kitten_EatsSimba had to be hand fed on a regular basis. It was like having a baby who needed to be fed every hour, without any sleep.

Simba slumber.

4_Sleepy_KittenAfter Simba had his bottle, he was ready for a good long nap.

Ssh, don’t wake him up!

5_Kitten_Uses_BoxParker watched over his new brother, keeping him safe.

I can see you!

6_Kitten_SniffingSimba’s eyes finally opened up.

If I can’t be on the computer, I can be under. 

7_Kitten_StandWhen Simba was three months old, his human caught this shot of him relaxing under the computer.

Where does it come out?

8_Kitten_Drinking_TapSimba’s favorite play spot is the bathroom.

Don’t tell him I’m in here!

9_Kitten_In_BathtubSimba and Parker enjoy playing a game of hide and seek, they’re both the cutest pales ever!

Simba is one lucky cat, thank God for the sweet humans that opened their hearts—Please SHARE this story if you enjoyed! :)

Via: lovemeow

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