Six Little Ginger Kittens ALL From The Same Litter…But You Won’t Be Able To Tell Them Apart!

Sometimes you wonder how six of the most adorable ginger kittens can be left without homes. But fortunately they were taken in by a foster home…And they’re all SOO cute, who could say no?!

These six cuties were all from the same litter, and came to the shelter with fleas and eye infections. They were about one month old when they were transferred from one shelter to another. Imagine the shelter worker’s surprise when they discovered three girls and three boys!

Identical Sextuple Lookalikes!

1_6_Ginger_KittensThese six kittens not only all look alike, it’s also quite unusual to have three female cats that are all orange, as mostly males cats have the characteristic orange tabby markings.

There’s nothing like a furry kitten bed!

2_Kittens_In_BedEach of the kittens was bathed, and received the best medication from the vet. All the kittens are clean and healthy now.

It’s my turn to cuddle.

3_Kitten_Cuddling_HandIt seems like Dennis has formed a bond with Cindy, the shelter worker. She’d tried to put him back to bed, but he left and came back to sleep on her lap!

Colorful collars to tell them apart, because thats all you can do!

4_3_Little_MittensCindy put collars on each of the kittens, so she’d be able to tell them apart.

Watch: “They don’t meow very often, but when they do, I faint to death a little bit.”


Picture perfect… Awwww!! :)

5_2_Orange_KittensThis pair has a career in cat modelling! Aren’t they just adorable?

They’re just the cutest bundles of love ever!

6_Kitten_SleeptimeThe kittens love crawling into bed with Cindy.

Six kittens with ginger mittens.

7_Kittens_Lined_UpWhen the kittens are old enough, and their eye infections have completely cleared up, they will each get to go to their new forever home. Apparently the shelter has found homes for all of them already!!

Aren’t you just dying of cuteness?

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