Some people Think This Cat Looks Ugly, But Wait Till You See The Other Pictures… OMG.

Some people think this cat looks ugly because of his weird looking facial expression, but you can make up your mind…

Personally we think he’s just adorable and when you see these pictures, we think you’ll agree with us too!

“He has something called asymmetrical jaw. When he was little his adult upper left canine began poking into his bottom tooth pushing it out. When he went in to get fixed, it was pulled, but it left him with a snaggletooth. Griffin is 5 years old and is healthy as a funny-looking horse,” his human dad shared via Reddit.

Check out the pictures below and share:

He might look different, but how could anyone think he’s ugly?? He’s just adorable!

8-derpy-faced-cat 7-derpy-faced-cat 6-derpy-faced-cat 5-derpy-faced-cat 4-derpy-faced-cat 3-derpy-faced-cat 1-derpy-faced-cat

With that little fluff of a face, I just couldn’t resist, he’s just as cute as any cat—SHARE this story with your friends!

Source : Instagram / Reddit

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