Something Amazing Is Happening At This Polish Animal Shelter All Because Of One ‘Nurse Cat’

This incredible nurse cat from Poland is looking after animals in a animal shelter and the results will melt your heart…

Radamenes the cat from Bydgoszcz, Poland was rescued and survived a bad respiratory infection, but his rescuers had no clue that he would return the favor in such an incredible and unexpected way!

After veterinary workers helped to bring two-month-old Radamenes back from death’s door, he’s now taken on the job as ‘Nurse Cat’ for the entire Animal Shelter!

When an animal is in pain or suffering, Radamenes the ‘Nurse Cat’ lends a helping paw and helps ‘purr’ them back to health!

He cuddles, massages and sometimes even cleans other animals recuperating from their wounds or operations.

Radamenes has become a local mascot and hero for what he does each day. This  animal shelter has the best nurse ever!


When Radamenes arrived at the animal shelter, he was so sick his rescuers thought he would have to be put down


But after hearing him purr, vets worked as hard as they could to save the poor two-month-old kitten


With love and care he was able to recover, but the vets started noticing something amazing; Radamenes started hugging and licking the other animals


Whenever an animal undergoes a serious operation, Radamenes is quick to offer his comfort and soothing purrs


This kitty is the best ‘Nurse’ any animal shelter could ever ask for and it happens every day!


Radamenes can be heard purring patients back to health as he continues to give back in the most amazing way

veterinary-nurse-cat-poland-7veterinary-nurse-cat-poland-8Who said cats aren’t amazing after all?!

veterinary-nurse-cat-poland-5veterinary-nurse-cat-poland-2Cats really are amazing – SHARE if you agree!

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