Starving kitten was eating a leftover burger, then something wonderful happens… Awwwww!!

A poor little starving tortie kitten was searching for some food and found a leftover cheeseburger, but then she noticed a man and walked straight into his heart!

Nobody knew where the kitten came from, but one thing was for sure, he needed some love and a home to call his own! – The end of this story is truly beautiful!

Say hello to Arya the cat! – (credit imgur/wollstone and lovemeow for pics / story)

Someone gave this kitten a box and a old cheese burger and a blanket, but luckily this kitten knew just what to do and started rubbing against the man asking for love and attention and in turn she got a new human because of it!

“She just wandered up to the door of the factory,” wollstone said via Imgur on March 4, 2017.

“Someone gave her a box and part of a cheeseburger.” – via lovemeow.

After noticing the man, the sweet kitty started rubbing against the man with love and begging for some attention and help!

This kitten desperately needed someone to call her own and she knew just what to do. :)

When the eyes of this sweet kitty looked up at him, he was overwhelmed with compassion and in that moment – “She decided to adopt me so I took the afternoon off and brought her home” (told via Lovemeow/imgur)

Sometimes in life your best friends come in the least likely of places!

Arya now spends countless hours following her human around and snuggling whenever possible – it was a match made from heaven!

This sweet kitten has since grown into a majestic cat and loyal friend.  It just took that one moment of kindness for a forever relationship to begin.  It’s truly beautiful I must admit!

Just look at those incredibly beautiful eyes – full love love and gratefulness! :)

This kitten doesn’t just get along beautifully with her rescuer, but the dog and her are getting along great too!

This sweet kitten ‘thanks’ her owner every day with head bumps of love for everything he did to save her from starvation on the streets! It’s just wonderful :)

From trying to survive from scraps of a cheeseburger, to a loving home there’s nothing like this that brings joy to the soul.

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credit: imgur/wollstone / lovemeow

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