Stray Cat Mom Brings Home The Cutest Little Surprise Ever…And It’s Just Heartwarming!

It’s a rough life for stray cats. Often they escape being spayed or neutered, and many kittens are born on the street. Not all survive. This one stray momma cat brought her kitten to the backyard of a kind man who’d been caring for the other neighborhood cats.

Somehow stray cats can sense the kindness in humans. When her only baby survived, she knew exactly who would help her out. And the end is just wonderful!

Now you’ll always be warm…

1_Mother_Cat_Hugs_KittenMax found the mother cat and her kitten lying in a dog house in his back yard. He thought there might be other kittens, but he couldn’t find any. Most likely she only gave birth to one kitten.

Max explains how he feeds the neighborhood strays, and practices Trap—Neuter/Spay—Release. He’s a really hero and pays out of his own pocket, and does as much as he can every day!

Even the family dog helps out, allowing the stray cats to sleep in his dog house.

Too much cuteness!

2_Adorable_KittenMax says that the kitten enjoys wandering around, exploring the house.

Little kitty requests a tummy rub… Awwww!!!

3_Kitten_Wants_Belly_RubMax decided this pair was special, and immediately adopted them. Both mother and daughter will be spayed, and live together in his house!

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Via: lovemeow

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