Stray Cat Noticed An Abandoned Baby Freezing To Death, But Something UNBELIEVABLE Happened…

Some stories are just so heartwarming you have to pass them on — this story is definitely one of those stories!

An abandoned newborn baby was saved from almost certain death after the temperature dropped below freezing in Obninsk, Russia.  This abandoned baby was disposed of and left to die in a cold empty box — freezing in the empty hallway, but thats not the end of the story!

Thankfully a true hero came to save the day – A stray cat!


After the cold temperature plunged below zero, the baby would have died within a few hours, but a tabby now named Marsha, noticed and curled up besides the frozen infant in the abandoned box and kept him warm throughout the night.

Some nearby tenants were walking by a stairwell and heard some crying.  When they went over to see what was happening, they saw something horrifying and also truly miraculous. They saw the cat curled by the freezing baby – keeping him warm.


Amazingly enough, this life-saving tabby, even followed the paramedics all the way to ambulance as the baby boy was taken to the emergency room.

It was reported that the long-haired mother tabby cat “ran after paramedics as they took the tiny baby to the ambulance.”

One of the paramedics involved with rescuing the baby after it was found stated to REN TV: “She was so worried about where we were taking the baby.”  This mothering kitty had the instinct and saved this baby from almost certain death…

‘She ran right behind us, meowing. She was really a rational creature.’  said Vera lvanina, one of the paramedics on the case.


The baby boy rescued by this hero mothering cat was said to be two to three months old when it was taken to the hospital.

It was also interesting to note that the baby was rescued with clean clothes. After he was taken to the hospital, the baby boy was declared “fit and healthy” even though he had experienced hours in the cold…

The police have issued a search for the parents and the baby is now being cared for in the hospital.

Since this happened, Marsha the hero-stray mothering cat has been pampered by everyone who lives around the area where this happened.

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