Stray Cat Walked Onto Their Boat And Decided To Become The Captain… Now He Sails With Them!

This cute kitty came running down the gang plank and has decided to take over the boat as chief captain Luigi!  He just came running and has decided that sailing is more fun than being a stray with no home.

His new humans are sailors so he has taken on the rough chore of being a kitty captain.  Nobody expected it would turn out like this, but it sure enough did and we’re all thankful he now has a forever boat! :)


He just walked up and claimed his humans! :)

“Our guess is he was a stray cat for 3 years until he found his way to the harbour. He was very skinny and in need of care at first. Within 5 days of pme feeding him he came on board our boat by himself and he found a new home! Captain Luigi!” via Ulla Korterman on Instagram.


“I was so amazed by his trust and sweet nature and 3 month later when the winter came – after getting him neutered, chipped and vaccinated – I flew him as my hand luggage from Olbia via Rome to Copenhagen to his new permanent home with my brother & his family.”

“We were the talk of the harbour. He had everybody’s attention clever Luigi.”


This kitty knows how to have the best time ever sailing along with his kind rescuer humans!

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via: @tonkaholic, iizcat

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