“Library Cat” Is About To Get Evicted From His Forever Home For A Very Sad Reason… WATCH

Browser the cat has lived in the library, guarding the space for all his life. But now, after 6 years, the kitty might get evicted from his home!

Students and kids love spending time with the cat, relaxing and reading in the library’s nooks and crannies. However, the City Council wants to send the kitty packing, citing concerns of “allergies and safety hazard”. But so far, the complaints haven’t outweighed the praises of Browser.

Some library patrons have banded together to save Browser and have signed a petition, gathering over 800 names to let the cat stay. Just watch for the full story:

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LATEST UPDATE: The White Settlement City Council voted unanimously to overturn its previous decision to evict Browser the cat from the library, allowing the kitty to stay in his home forever…What a relief! We couldn’t be happier for the kitty!

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