These 19 Before & After Rescue Pictures Prove That Love Can Change A Cat’s Life, Unbelievable…

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family as they bring love and joy to their household. They become a part of the family as the pet and family bond together. These bonds of love gain a special significance too, if the animal was rescued from harsh conditions.

These following photos are of adopted cats saved from the brink of death. If they had not been rescued, there is no telling what could have happened to them.

We at the are so grateful someone saved these beautiful kitties and gave them forever homes! You can see the amazing difference true love can make in any cat’s life:

1. This cat tried to get worm inside a hot engine which ended badly when the car drove away, but with much love and care he’s happily alive!


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2. Spyder the cat was found abandoned in the drain by a kind man that gave him a happy home forever and the love he deserved.


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3. This cat was rescued from a fire and recovered beautifully!  True love can really change a cat’s life, this cat is living proof!


 via: justinfiresurvivor

4. After this cat named ‘Penguin’ was rescued it only took him a few weeks before he was looking perfect again and all the happier for the love given by his rescuers!


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5. This cat didn’t look too good in the beginning, but after he was rescued back to health the results were truly beautiful – this was a happy ending!



6. Duncan the cat was found stranded and injured in the middle of the road.  After being nursed back to health he’s happy and living a great life – it’s amazing what a year of love care can do!


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7. This Siamese cat named ‘Benny’ has a dramatic transformation due to his loving human rescue parents along with a whole lot of love! :)



8. This cat was hit by a car and found laying nearly dead on the side of the road, but here’s the transformation months later:


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9. ‘Utopia’ the kitten was found abandoned and drenched in the cold rain, but now he has a loving human family.  His transformation is living proof that a little love can go a long ways.



10. Yet another cat rescue with a beautiful ending as you can see below:


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11. After loosing one eye, this cat recovered beautifully – he sure is happy now! :)



12. This kitty was found in a garbage can, but he was rescued back to health and the results are proof that love can change a cat’s life forever! Beautiful…

via: Victoria Reyes

13. Tyrion the kitty had a horrible infection in his eyes which would have left him blinded, but thankfully he was nursed back to health!  Now he’s the cutest ball of fluff you’ll ever see – it’s wonderful!


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14. After being nursed back to health ‘Stuart Little’ is looking cutter then ever :)


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15. Kodama the cat was found infested with maggots and near death, but after being rescued from near death, Kodama is loving his life and new home! :)


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16. Bunny was electrocuted with wounds all over her body, but thankfully she was nursed back to health with love from her human parents :)


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17. This kitty was abandoned and left for dead…Thankfully she was rescued and here she is only months later:


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18. Louie the cat was found abandoned in a gutter, but thankfully he was rescued back to health.  Now you can frequently see him ruling house!  He deserves it :)



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19. They found a box full of kittens, but this was the only one that was alive.  This brave blind survivor is now living a happy live – just another reason why a little love can go a long way! :)

Before-and-after-cat-rescue-pictures-1 via: imgur

It’s amazing what a little love and rescue can do for a cat’s life – It’s amazing!

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