These Cats Are Like Nothing You’ve EVER Seen…But They’re The Cutest EVER, Awwww!!

We bet you’ve never seen cats like these before. These are sand cats, and they are feral. They feature adorable triangular ears and large heads. Even the adults look like kittens for their entire lives. They live outdoors in dry arid environments in Saudi Arabia, Central Asia, North Africa, and Pakistan.

Sand cats actually endangered, due to hunting, predators, and disease. Despite this, these kitties manage to live in harsh environments between −5 °C (23 °F) to 52 °C (126 °F). These cats glean their moisture from the food they eat, as water is scarce where they live. They may look adorable, but they are wild, and don’t make good pets.

She looks too young to be a mother!

1_sand_cat Image credits: adremeaux

It’s a foxy cat!

2_fluffy_sand_cat Image credits: John Jones

Adorable sand cat family—Don’t you want to befriend them all?

3_sand_cat_familyImage credits: Pascale

Free and enjoying life

Image credits: Big Cat Rescue

Now you stay put munchkin

5_mother_and_catImage credits: goodnewsanimal

Nothing like a good scratching at the end of a long hot day

Image credits: Big Cat Rescue

Those ears!

7_huge_cat_earsImage credits: makhalifa

Like mother like daughter

8_sand_mom_kittenImage credits: surfingbird

It’s hard romping around all day, but someone’s gotta do it!

9_sand_cat_yawnsImage credits: Ami211

What does the fox say? Wait a minute, that’s a cat!

10_sand_cat_narrowed_eyesImage credits: Tambako

These cuties almost look like domestic cats

11_two_sand_kitties Image credits: Mark Baldwin

Look at that expression! These cats you don’t pet

12_triange_cat_earsImage credits: mellting

Even outdoor cats are concerned about their cleanliness

13_sand_cat_licking_pawImage credits: Tambako

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Via: Bored Panda

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