These Kittens Are Snuggling Together, But Wait Till You See The Last Picture… OMG, Awwwww!!

Lili and Renley were adopted when they were eight weeks old. The pair loved to cuddle on the top floor of a cat condo and never wanted to leave!

This bed became their favorite napping spot. Even as they grew bigger, they refused to leave it alone and the snuggles just got cuter and cuter!

You won’t believe the last image, it’s SOO cute, but also funny!!

1_Kittens_in_BedThis is the kittens first week home. They’ve adjusted well to their new space, a comfy bed on top of the cat condo. Their owner Sonja says that they love sleeping here, but when it gets too hot, someone has to move elsewhere.

There’s still some room to grow… or is there??

2_Kittens_SnoozingRenley is the ginger cat, and Lili is the brown/grey tabby. Renley has that classic ginger personality so he likes to get comfy on his back. Here they are snuggling together in their bed.

Even if it’s a different “condo” it’s love!  Even the humans bed will do. :)

3_Kittens_in_BlanketThe pair have been known to try out other snoozing locations. This one gets top marks for softness and snuggling ability.

They fit pretty snugly, but wait till you see the last picture… LOL!!

4_Kittens_Getting_BigSonja says that she was told the cats are a half tabby and half Maine Coon mix. Lili is the sweet and sensitive one, while Renley is the pushy one who demands to be the center of attention.

Nothing will stop me now… OMG, adorable!

5_Cats_Share_Little_BedThe pair soon grew up, but refused to leave their original kitty bed, even if it meant one lays on top of the other.

It’s OK if they don’t fit, because snuggling is always better!

6_Cats_Sharing_Tiny_BedThe siblings find it hard to sleep in any other spot. They still love their kitten bed, even as adults.

The same bed and the same love, years later!

7_Siblings_Snuggle_in_BedSonja says that even though her cats have obviously outgrown their kitten bed, they still try to make it work and it’s just the cutest!

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Via: @RENLEY_LILI – H/T lovemeow

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