These Kittens Had No Daddy, But Then Something Amazing Happened… I Can’t Stop Smiling.

These three kittens named Everest, Taylor and Dash had no daddy, but then something amazing happened when they were introduced to the big Golden Retriever Dog.

When these kittens were first introduced to the big Golden Retriever, they didn’t know what to think!  They simply stayed in the basket and looked on as the dog gave them some happy sniffs…

After the dog met these kittens, he almost instantly decided he wanted to protect and care for the kittens!

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Meet kittens named Everest, Taylor that never had a dad until they met the Golden Retriever.


Golden Retriever checking out the kittens with gentle sniffs.


At first the kittens were kept in the nursery pen, but the dog watches over them protecting them.


All three instantly bonded with this sweet foster dad. Everest even stands on the dog to get a better view of his area :)

cat-and-golden-retriever-dog-2Dash the kitten as he falls asleep the doggie’s fur, WATCH VIDEO:

Watch Taylor the kitten snuggling with her new foster dad below :)

Lots and lots of love. :)

this adorable furry family is PRICELESS… Watch:

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