They Adopted A Cat, But A Few Days Later… They Couldn’t Believe What They Really Adopted!!

A family didn’t realize that their good deed would be rewarded seven times over. They brought home a beautiful rescue cat. It turns out she was pregnant! Two months later she gave birth to seven tiny surprises.

In the beginning, they were tiny balls of fluff, but as they grew, it was apparent that they were the spitting image of their meowmie—so much in fact—that they look like clones!

Um yah, there’s more here than expected.

1_Proud_Momma_and_KittensMyrtle was rescued off the street by a kind lady. She thought she’d add one new member to her family, not realizing what this skinny kitty carried within her.

Myrtle was rescued in March, and was cold, dirty, and hungry. Her new human named her Myrtle. She soon had the entire family in line.

I can bathe myself now, thank you very much!

2_Cat_on_SinkMyrtle enjoyed the attention, and they just assumed that her bones were filling in, as her belly grew. Soon it became apparent to her new family that this kitty was pregnant.

No problem, two, maybe three kittens?

3_Pregnant_KittyOn May 22nd, Myrtle’s owner was lucky enough to be home sick from work when Myrtle went into labor. Myrtle was kind enough to let her human nap, while the first kitten came out. What a surprise when her owner woke up!

One, two, three… seven kittens!

4_Kitten_SurpriseMyrtle gave birth to seven fluffy white kittens of the same color.

It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. 

5_Mother_and_KittensMyrtle is able to close her eyes for a moment. These kittens are at four days old.

The family quickly outgrows their box. 

6_Nap_Time_for_KittiesAt two weeks, the kittens would have to start taking turns, as there wasn’t room for everyone to feed at the same time.

Moving day.

8_Mother_Cat_AwakeThe kittens enjoy their bigger and softer home. Soon there will be no room for Myrtle.

A puddle of cuddle.

9_How_Many_KittensMyrtle’s kittens all nap together in a pile of fluff.

It’s an army of clones!

10_Cats_in_sunAs the kittens grow, you can see how they’re the spitting image of their mommy.

Laundry day! We’ll help!

11_Kittens_GrowingWhen one kitten does something, they all want to join in.

Adoption success!

12_Kittens_BiggerMyrtle’s family successfully adopted out six of her kittens, and they’ll keep one of the kittens so Myrtle has company.

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