They Adopted A Kitty, But It Took Over 28 Days, Then Finally… I Just LOVE The Ending!!

When you adopt a cat, it can take some time for them to settle in. Not only do they have a whole new environment to explore, but new family members—human and animal—to deal with. There are also delicious new foods to try, and time to spend getting the family dog in line.

When this family adopted a fluffy brown kitty, they hadn’t expected her to take so long before coming out of hiding.

Sure, you can pet me now.

Cat_love_ear_rubIt nearly a month, but the fluffy kitty finally came out to say hi. It happened on day 28.

A stressful day two in her new home. 

Cat_hides_under_bedAfter she was brought home, her new humans were patient. She hid under the bed on day two.

You’d better hand me that bottle of wine.

Cat_hides_in_cupboardOn day fifteen, she hid in a cupboard.

Hi there! It’s nice to meet you.

ggEds8oOn day 21, she came out during the day, but would still hide at night.

Now she can’t get enough attention!

Fluffy_cat_tummyShe wants plenty of attention now.

Acting a bit shy.

Cat_peeping_past_doorYou can look, but don’t touch.

I didn’t know what I was missing!

Shy_cat_now_affectionateShe’s a big lap cat now, and enjoys cuddling with her humans.

Her humans are so patient!—Please SHARE if you think it’s important to give kitties time to adjust to a new home!


Via: lovemeow

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