They Adopted The Runt Of The Litter, Wait Till You See His Eyes…SOO Cute, How Could You Resist?!

Ozzy the cat had a rough start to life. As a kitten, he fell off the counter, causing his peculiar crossed-eyed look. He became the runt of the litter. His crossed eyes caused him to see limited tunnel vision. But would a human see past his disability to adopt him?

One day, two loving humans Ian and Evelyn found him! Today, they wouldn’t give up the world for him.

Look I can touch my nose!

cross_eyed_cat_tongueOzzy’s humans look past his disability and love him very much. They’d never trade him for anything. He’s certainly the cutie.

What do I see?

cross_eyed_cat_stringOzzy is now eight, but remains as inquisitive as when he was a kitten. That’s how he got into the accident that originally caused his crossed eyes. Ian and his wife Evelyn adopted Ozzy because he was the runt of the litter.

Similarities to The Jungle Book Panther

cross_eyed_cat_like_pantherOwner Ian McDougall says Ozzy looks a lot like the hypnotized panther called Bagheera, from Disney’s The Jungle Book.

I spy with my little eye

cross_eyed_cat_string2They believe Ozzy has tunnel vision, so he can see a portion of the string, but it appears at a distance.

Nothing holds him back

cross_eyed_catOzzy is comical when chasing flies, and he can navigate through the house. He can run up and down the corridor. What a character! His humans see past his disability, and call him purrfect.

Ozzy Is the cutest little kitty, don’t you agree??! :)

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