They Bought Him A Cat When He Was Born, But Now?? You’ve Gotta See Them 22 Years Later!

This sweet kitty is 22 years old and still his favorite pet! Reddit Ryan Temple posted these pictures along with his story: “(He’s) been with me since the day I was born, my one true friend.”

This human has had this kitty for over 21 years as his best feline friend ever, and it’s safe to say they’re completely adorable together!

“I am 21 and my parents adopted him when they found out they were pregnant with me…. I guess they wanted to practice parenthood with a cat.”

“Everyone can’t believe it when we say he is 22. I guess there’s something special in the tuna we give him once a week as a treat to make him youthful! Or it could be he sleeps for 20 hours a day.”

“He won’t let me leave…. my one true friend.”


Growing up with a cat as a best friend really is a wonderful—cats are the best friends anyone could have, but especially as you’re growing up! AMAZING…



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