They Brought The Dog Home For The First Time, But Didn’t Expect The Cat To Do THIS…

They were really excited about the new dog, and wanted to see what their cats first reaction would be, but sure WASN’T expecting this reaction…

You won’t believe it when you see it, this cat is NOT happy in the least bit and it’s SOO obvious, it’s hard to ignore!

Just one glimpse and he knows that he’s not the only one in the house anymore…And he’s obviously not ready to share his house or his humans with any other animals.  Just Watch:

I’ve never heard anything like this before, Have YOU??


“For those of you who were concerned for Cato’s well being, you can relax. We adore our cat, and are very experienced with animals. All we did was let the cat see the dog through the window the first time. They weren’t introduced until MUCH later. Things are obviously a lot better! You just need to trust me that my cat is FINE! He’s just bossy and territorial. The dog is beautifully submissive, kind and quiet around him, exactly why we chose her. So just relax! He is just a very vocal cat, which is why this is funny. This is also not his first experience with dogs. Wish I could post a follow up photo of them co-existing, albeit angrily. But, may have to post some more footage of Cato’s daily stand-offs with her! :)”

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